Cameo for Business Pioneer Arthur Leopold Named President

After a year of record growth, Cameo forecasts Cameo for Business to be our next $100M business

4 min readFeb 23, 2022


We went all-in on our business offering, Cameo for Business last year, opening up access to over 50,000 talent for our brand partners for all of their marketing and events needs. This year, we’re taking it up a notch and we’re thrilled to announce that Arthur Leopold has been named President of Cameo to oversee the Cameo for Business, Talent, and Represent teams.

Arthur joined Cameo as our Chief Operating Officer and first employee nearly five years ago to build our talent organization from the ground up. Since then, he’s led the team that has onboarded tens of thousands of talent to make Cameo one of the largest celebrity marketplaces in the world. Prior to his expanded role as President, Arthur served as Chief Business Officer, overseeing strategic revenue lines, brand partnerships, business development; now, he’ll be leading the Cameo for Business and Talent orgs, and the teams behind our newly acquired celebrity merch platform, Represent. In addition to Arthur’s new role, Cameo for Business General Manager Marty Pesis has been elevated to VP of Growth for this division leading the strategy, product, marketing and SMB teams, and Karen Chi will take on the role of VP of Sales to oversee Cameo for Business’ agency, enterprise, and mid-market teams.

“Arthur has been on this journey with us since the very beginning, and I couldn’t be more excited for his expanded role, which will oversee our go-to-market teams and bring talent closer to more brands and businesses,” said Steven Galanis, Cofounder and CEO of Cameo. “Cameo for Business continues to push the creative boundaries of what brands can do by leveraging our diverse talent base, and the response we’ve gotten from talent confirms our hypothesis about its endless potential.”

Up and to the Right

Since its launch in 2020, Cameo for Business has seen 500% growth in bookings, establishing itself as a legitimate, all-inclusive marketing and events destination for companies of all sizes and industries. The team has also grown significantly to meet the demand — expanding from a team of 4 to over 40 in 2021. Over the last year, Cameo for Business worked with more than 12,000 unique customers, across industries including consumer packaged goods, auto, technology & telecom, entertainment & media, and healthcare/pharma.

“Cameo for Business is challenging the legacy influencer agency paradigm and is on track to become Cameo’s next $100 million business,” said Cameo President, Arthur Leopold. “We’ve already launched hundreds of campaigns with the world’s top brands like Bud Light, EA Sports, and FanDuel, meaningfully moving their businesses forward. We are simplifying the process of bringing talent and brands together.”

Cameo for Business’ unmatched platform and creative services–includes access to celebrities, transparent pricing, insights around trending topics and talent, and speed to market–has made it the perfect partner for iconic brands to create innovative campaigns and launch their own talent, including:

  • INFINITI QX60: INFINITI introduced a new Reservation Program for its all-new 2022 QX60 luxury SUV by providing consumers with an enhanced shopping experience via Cameo. Infiniti enabled consumers to have their specific questions on the QX60 answered through personalized Cameo videos from celebrities including Clinton Kelly, Gabby Douglas, Misha Collins, Erin Andrews, and Dule Hill, delivering personal connections and content at-scale.
  • #LinkedInOutOfOffice: LinkedIn partnered with us to create custom OOO video messages to encourage people to take time off during the holidays. While the campaign sold out 500 Cameos in 90 minutes, LinkedIn added more OOO carols to meet the demands of folks wanting to get creative with their OOO messages. This marked LinkedIn’s second campaign with C4B following their LiftUp Music Festival, an employee talent show and fundraiser for WHO COVID fund.
  • AI-Powered Animated Characters: We unlocked a new vertical of talent on Cameo and revved up our engineering engines to welcome two AI-powered animated characters for the first time ever via Cameo for Business. Thousands of fans have connected with the Boss Baby, and everyone’s favorite locomotive, Thomas the Tank Engine.

Cameo 2.0 & What’s Next

As we look to the future, Cameo isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution — we want to give talent a host of different options to engage with fans and brands. Cameo now offers many ways for talent to interact with fans, and we’ll be reimagining the platform from one core product to a “toolkit” for talent.

Part of that toolkit is how talent and brands connect. In 2022, brands can look forward to new improvements to Cameo for Business product experience, and talent can now choose to be available for only business Cameos, giving them full control in how they engage with Cameo and giving brands a bigger range of talent they can access directly. Cameo for Business has proven itself as a performant platform for businesses, and we look forward to bringing more groundbreaking campaigns to life for brands around the world.

Stay tuned to our blog for new updates on Cameo for Business and Cameo 2.0!




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