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New analysis shows “I love you” Cameos are on the rise

Nothing screams passionate romance quite like a Cameo, am I right?

From first dates and prom invitations to anniversaries, engagements and yes, breakup announcements and the occasional divorce, fans are devising increasingly creative ways to welcome their favorite pop culture icons into their intimate relationships. We, of course, approve.

In an attempt to understand the trend, Cameo’s data team examined romantic Cameo requests dating back to March 2017. We found that “I love you” Cameos are by far the most popular romantic use case, followed by Cameos to celebrate anniversaries, weddings and Valentine’s Day. Spoiler: divorce ranks fifth.

💋 Most Popular Romantic Cameo Requests

Below are…

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New year-end data & exec hires mark an incredible year of growth for Cameo

2020 will go down in history as the most memorable year of our lives. From social justice and politics to climate change, a global pandemic and the wild new world of quarantine, we’ve learned, grown and accomplished so much together.

Amid all the mayhem, Cameo had a wild ride of its own. Business exploded, our charitable giving program ramped up, our workforce went remote (and we’re never going back!), …


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