Cameo Cares: The Gift That Keeps on Giving (Back)

In our recent talent survey, 81% of talent intend to donate a portion of their 2022 earnings to nonprofits

4 min readNov 15, 2021


Since our founding in 2017, Cameo has served as both a point of connection and a means to raise funds and awareness for worthy global causes:

We’ve helped raise over $1.5M and facilitate impactful fundraising campaigns for almost 300 worthy causes and charities — including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, RED, National Alliance on Mental Illness, The JED Foundation, Backline, Gotcha4Life Foundation, Choose Love, and more. At any given time, you can find almost 300 personalities raising money and awareness for causes they care about on Cameo; and based on our recent talent survey, we know there is a ton of interest among talent for even more fundraising opportunities: 61% of the talent surveyed believe that philanthropy is a crucial part of their Cameo experience, and 81% indicate they intend to donate their 2022 Cameo earnings to nonprofits.

Individual fundraising initiatives and campaigns will always be part of Cameo, but we know we can make an even greater impact by investing in donation tools and internal processes that make it easier for talent, fans, and nonprofits to fundraise together. So today, we’re thrilled to introduce our revamped Cameo Cares initiative and product set.

(Re)Introducing Cameo Cares

Just in time for this year’s Giving Tuesday, we’re excited to launch Cameo Cares: our revamped charitable program and feature set, which includes a brand new talent Donation Tool made possible through our partnership with Pledge. The Cameo Cares donation tool and Pledge partnership will simplify fundraising, elevate important global causes, and help talent engage in both short- and long-term charity campaigns — all in an effort to make Cameo the most fun and efficient celebrity fundraising platform in the world.

Cameo’s New Donation Tool

Over the last several months, we analyzed the existing fundraising processes on Cameo. While extremely easy to set up fundraising campaigns on the frontend, we learned that the backend was somewhat onerous for talent and nonprofits. We’ve seen talent raise thousands of dollars with just seconds of their time — and now, with our new donation tool, fundraising on Cameo is easier than ever.

Our new Donation Tool in the Talent Wallet serves as a complete fundraising concierge, allowing talent to:

  • Select one or more nonprofits from Pledge’s database
  • Display which nonprofit or charity they are fundraising for on their profile page
  • Opt into Cameo Cares fundraising campaigns throughout the year
  • Donate to a nonprofit of their choice on a recurring basis
  • Choose a percentage of their Cameo earnings that they want to donate
  • Receive a tax receipt after they’ve donated

Bam. We’ll even take care of sending the checks to the nonprofits each month.

“Every year, we’re blown away by the power of Cameo for charitable giving,” said Steven Galanis, CEO of Cameo. “Cameo Cares will make it even easier for fans and talent to come together, affect change, and raise funds for causes close to their hearts. We’re happy to invest in a more substantial, longer-term platform to enable charitable giving year ‘round, and we’re excited that our partnership with Pledge will give us even more insight into how folks give back on Cameo.”

Cameo 🤝 Pledge

To help fuel the donation tool and enable more seamless fundraising, we’ve partnered with Pledge, the industry’s leading donation platform. Pledge has built one of the largest databases of nonprofits and charitable organizations in the world — including more than 2 million verified organizations in over 100 countries, and every nonprofit in the United States in IRS good standing. This partnership will also give both talent and fans peace of mind that proceeds will go directly to the organization.

Through the partnership with Pledge, we will automate the nonprofit selection and donation process, allowing talent to focus on fan connections and the causes they care about most.

“We could not be more excited about our new partnership with Cameo to power fundraising through the new Cameo Cares program,” commented James Citron, CEO of Pledge. “As the leader in connecting talent and their fans, Cameo is paving the way for their fun and memorable experiences to now drive world-changing impact. We’re honored to be Cameo’s trusted partner in this innovative endeavor that will benefit nonprofits around the world.”

Mark Your Calendars for Giving Tuesday, November 30th

We continue to see huge demand from the talent on Cameo to fundraise for the causes they care about; in fact, 82% of the talent who participated in our recent survey intend to fundraise for Giving Tuesday, specifically. Additionally, we’ve found that the top 5 causes talent are most passionate about supporting include animal protection, children and family, mental health, diseases and disorders, and the environment. Based on talent demand, we’re excited to kick the fundraising off with a platform-wide campaign for Giving Tuesday, where talent can opt in to donate to the causes most important to them.

For more information about Cameo, please check out or email For more information about Pledge, visit and make your #PledgeToDoGood.




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