Introducing Cameo’s Wallet (for Talent)

To Help Talent Manage and Scale their Direct-to-Fan Connections

2 min readApr 29, 2021


Cameo’s ultimate vision is to build technology that enables talent to have personal relationships with each and every one of their fans. It’s a bold idea — and to do it well, we know that talent need some foundational tools to help manage their businesses and relationships across Cameo’s growing ecosystem. Following our recent fundraise, we’re excited to kick off that effort with the introduction of a new tool called ‘Wallet.’

Wallet is a new feature that aggregates relationship history, payments, and banking information in one place, giving talent more visibility and control over their Cameo businesses and fanbases. Wallet allows the tens of thousands of artists, athletes, musicians, actors, influencers and pop culture personalities on Cameo to:

  • Access their relationship history, so they can account for each connection they make through Cameo
  • View and filter earnings across Cameo’s growing product ecosystem, including personalized Cameo videos, Tips and Stickers, Cameo for Business, and new experiences like Cameo Calls (which we’re still testing)
  • Transfer funds to their bank account at any time, as opposed to waiting for payment on a predetermined banking schedule
  • Update their account with new banking information in real-time, so they can manage where their payments are made

Starting today, talent on Cameo can use Wallet to gain a clearer understanding of where their Cameo earnings are coming from, which connections are driving the most impact, and where and when they are paid.

The new Wallet feature is only visible to talent, and can be found by navigating to each talent’s Account Page. Upon clicking on “Your Wallet,” talent will see a comprehensive earnings dashboard. Tapping “See Activity” reveals all their transactions in one place.

Sample Wallet experience

As Cameo has grown over the past four years, we’ve proactively looked for ways to improve the experience for fans and talent alike. Through surveys and interviews, we’ve gotten feedback that talent wanted increased transparency into their Cameo relationship history, more control over their financial details, and more flexibility in their payments. With Cameo’s Wallet, we’re excited to introduce a more seamless system for talent to review and manage their Cameo relationships.

Our work here is just beginning — we can’t wait to improve the Wallet and launch new talent tools as Cameo grows. Stay tuned for updates!




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