Your Cameos, Way Faster

2 min readMar 16, 2021


Introducing 24-Hour Delivery

Available now, we’re excited to offer 24-hour delivery — a new Cameo feature that guarantees fans can connect with their favorite talent in less than 24 hours.

Whether they’re looking for a last-minute gift, or simply can’t handle the anticipation (trust us, we get it), fans can now book Cameos at a slightly higher price in return for guaranteed delivery within 24 hours. 24-hour delivery lets fans skip the line so their Cameo is fulfilled first! And, if participating talent don’t have time to fulfill the request, Cameo will notify fans and refund their credit card.

24-hour delivery is identified on participating talent’s Cameo profile

Rolling out first on Cameo’s website, talent participating in 24-hour delivery will be identified with a lightning bolt icon listed on their profile page, alongside text indicating “24hr delivery available.” Upon completing the Cameo request, fans will have the option to select “24 hours or less” on the payment page. The expedited price will be listed before checkout, and credit cards will not be charged until the Cameo is completed and delivered.

You can now sort by talent offering 24-hour delivery

For some history: 24-hour delivery began as a holiday promotion back in 2019. We offered the option to book expedited Cameos based on our hypothesis that many of our fans would be purchasing Cameos as last-minute gifts. We thought they might want to guarantee delivery on a tighter time frame…and oh buddy, we were right. The expedited Cameo holiday promotion was our most successful yet, so we started offering it for other holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and more.

Based on the success of those promotions, and the high demand for expedited Cameos thereafter, we’ve decided to introduce 24-hour delivery year-round! Now, fans can guarantee their Cameos are returned on a tight turnaround, and talent can see which requests are most urgent. Cuz if you’re last-minute at Christmas, that’s probably not the only time ;)

Thousands of talent on Cameo are now offering 24-hour delivery, and they can set and adjust their expedited price point at any time. Check out who’s participating!




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