Moms + Cameo = Reaction Video Gold

Data uncovers thousands of memorable moments for Mother’s Day

It’s that time of year…the pressure is on to find a way to adequately thank our moms for all the love, support, and sacrifice they’ve made for us to be alive (including booking our dentist appointments well into our 20s). In honor of this momentous occasion, our data team dug into the past 4 years worth of bookings and uncovered some interesting Cameo gifting trends, as people across the US prepare to wow their moms.

Over Cameo’s 4-year history, Mother’s Day has always been one of the most popular moments to give. In fact, just last Spring, our fans booked more than 29,000 magical moments for the special day! We can only hope all the reactions were as jaw-dropping as this one:

Moms’ Favorite Talent

While there are tens of thousands of athletes, actors, musicians, reality TV stars — and even soap opera stars — on Cameo eager to send your mom their very best, we’ve identified some clear winners when it comes to wowing moms around the world. Our team analyzed 4 years worth of request details to find the talent most-booked for moms throughout the year, and for Mother’s Day celebrations specifically:

  1. David & Annie (Beloved couple from “90 Day Fiancé”)
  2. Maurice Benard (Emmy Award Winning Actor and Soap Opera Star)
  3. Sonja Morgan (Real Housewife, Businesswoman & Mom)
  4. Boston Rob Mariano (6-time Survivor Contestant)
  5. Amy Roloff (Mom & Grandma of TLC’s Little People BIG World)
  6. Carson Kressley (Stylist of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and RuPaul’s Drag Race)
  7. Steve Burton (Actor & Dreamy General Hospital Doctor)
  8. Colin Mochrie (Comedian of Whose Line is it Anyway?)
  9. Aunt Mary Pat (Iconic “Mom” YouTube Comedian)
  10. Galen Gering (Actor & Days of Our Lives Heartthrob)

While these stars may be most popular for moms year-round, incredible talent join Cameo every day, so we recommend getting creative and expanding your list using Cameo’s sorting features.

Cameo Gifting by State

In addition to tracking the top-booked talent for Moms, we were also curious to find out where the most Cameo celebrations were happening for American Mother’s Day (AKA who loves Mom the most?!). We saw bookings in all 50 states last year, but Californians led the pack, gifting more than 3,500 magical moments to their beloved moms for Mother’s Day! The rest of our top 10 (sweetest) states in 2020 rank as follows:

  1. California
  2. New York
  3. Texas
  4. Illinois
  5. New Jersey
  6. Florida
  7. Massachusetts
  8. Pennsylvania
  9. Ohio
  10. Virgina

In 2021, we’re spreading even more love for mamas and have welcomed almost 3,000 exciting new talent ahead of the holiday from Tituss Burgess to Harry Potter’s beloved Hagrid. After all, every mom deserves to hear their kid’s appreciation in the form of a personalized, co-created Cameo — and every kid deserves to see the jaw-dropping reaction! We promise you, the surprise will be more exciting than any bouquet of flowers.

If you don’t believe us (or need a new procrastination activity) — check out these incredible Mom reactions:



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