Introducing the Snap x Cameo Advertiser Program

Built for Snap, Created by Cameo, new program unlocks the power of talent and high performing paid digital content



For decades, brands have leveraged the power of celebrities to influence consumer purchases or increase awareness. But the face of fame is rapidly evolving, and the Creator Economy has paved the way for social media stars, reality TV contestants, world-famous gamers and more to work alongside established celebrities as brand ambassadors and influencers. Since its launch in 2020, Cameo for Business has bridged the gap between brands and over 45,000 talent — ranging from actors, athletes, musicians, reality stars, influencers and more — making sure brands can capture culture with swipe-stopping content. Today, Cameo for Business is partnering with Snap to create the Snap x Cameo Advertiser Program, which offers Snapchat brand partners access to Cameo stars creating highly-performant short-form advertising content.

What this means for Snap advertisers

The Snap x Cameo Advertiser Program offers Snapchat partners the ability to work with Cameo’s global talent pool to create custom short-form video ads exclusive for Snapchat. Cameos look like Snaps — raw, authentic, personalized vertical video content — and creative content native to the Snapchat platform performs well for Snap brand partners. To create this engaging content, Cameo for Business will work in tandem with partners to find the best possible talent for their brand campaign and produce tailor made assets that work perfectly on Snapchat. Through this program, advertisers will also have access to:

  • Free creative services from Cameo for Business: From campaign ideation to video editing services, your first campaign is covered by Cameo for Business. You will also receive discounts for all future campaigns.
  • Enhanced Program Services: In partnering with Snap, brands will have access to preferred program pricing and exclusive benefits only available to Cameo for Business partners.
  • High performing content: Cameo for Business ads that run on Snapchat have seen incredible results including lower CPMs, higher install rate, and unprecedented increases in brand awareness that leads to greater return on ad spend for brands.

“Cameo and Snapchat are perfect for each other and we’re thrilled to bring our partners even more flexibility and opportunity to reach the hearts and minds of our community,” said Peter Naylor, VP of Sales, Americas, Snap Inc. “Cameo’s incredible talent roster, married with Snapchat’s ad offerings, will create a true win-win-win partnership for our marketers, Cameo, and Snapchatters everywhere. We can’t wait to see brands get involved.”

Case Studies

Cameo and Snap have already worked with beta partners Mattress Firm, 37Games, Kraft, and Molson Coors, to show that authentic, star-powered creative performs:

  • Mattress Firm launched a new campaign featuring NFL stars Jonathan Taylor and Cam Jordan, Olympian Kerri Walsh Jennings, TV personalities, and content creators, for their “Junk Sleep” campaign to increase awareness. The team worked with Cameo for Business to produce 22 videos in the span of 2 weeks, with every ad outperforming previous campaign averages. Through this program, Mattress Firm was able to test new talent and new messaging to see what kind of engagement would occur, driving an 8 point lift in ad awareness, which is 2x the category norm. Additionally, the Snap Ads portion of the Mattress Firm campaign leveraging Cameo talent had a video view rate that was 3x the retail category average.
  • 37Games’ Puzzles & Survival worked with Cameo for Business to get Cedric the Entertainer, Ray Lewis, and Jon Heder to help them reach their goal of more downloads. We produced 20 videos within 10 days, and by using familiar faces, 37Games was able to resonate with their US audience, resulting in a 2.6x install rate and 1.5x lower CPM.
  • Kraft’s Velveeta enlisted the help of Becky Robinson, Lady Camden, Lindsay Lohan, GaTa to celebrate a cheesy new lifestyle for their “Living La Dolce Velveeta’’ campaign. Kraft’s Philly Cream Cheese also tapped Iyanna Jones, Jeni Britton, Andrew Zimmern, Trina, Kyle Cooke for their “You Don’t Just Taste It, You Feel It” to give folks a peek into their unique cream cheese combinations.
  • Molson Coors’ Topo Chico worked with Kalin White, Algee Smith, Fernanda Romero, and Paola Lazaro to share who inspires them for their “Inspired By a Legend” campaign, and stars Ben Higgins, Melinda Berry, Carson Kressley, Willam showed their love for Vizzy’s “It’s a Vibe” campaign via engaging videos featuring Vizzy’s latest Mimosa Hard Seltzer.

What’s to come

Over the last year, Cameo for Business has launched hundreds of campaigns for iconic brands to create effective and engaging marketing content. With the launch of the Snap x Cameo Advertiser Program, Cameo for Business will help the world’s top brands meet their objectives by creating, editing, and experimenting with content in partnership with Snapchat.

“Cameo for Business has broken down traditional barriers and made it seamless for brands to work directly with talent to be a part of the cultural moment and create content that will actually resonate with their audience,” said Arthur Leopold, President, Cameo. “This collaboration with Snap couldn’t have been a more perfect fit as Cameos look native to Snap and seamlessly fit into its platform. Every brand on earth actively struggles to find highly-performant creative content, and we’ve unlocked this with our partnership with Snap. We’re thrilled to be launching this program, and supporting brands every step of the way as they take their celebrity marketing to the next level.”

The Snap x Cameo Advertiser Program is just getting started, and we’re looking forward to expanding this program throughout the summer to unlock the power of celebrity for high performing creative solutions for as many brands as possible. To learn more about Cameo for Business, you can visit the dedicated page here and for any questions about how to partner with us, email




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