Introducing Cameo’s Wallet (for Talent)

To Help Talent Manage and Scale their Direct-to-Fan Connections

Cameo’s ultimate vision is to build technology that enables talent to have personal relationships with each and every one of their fans. It’s a bold idea — and to do it well, we know that talent need some foundational tools to help manage their businesses and relationships across Cameo’s growing ecosystem. Following our recent fundraise, we’re excited to kick off that effort with the introduction of a new tool called ‘Wallet.’

  • View and filter earnings across Cameo’s growing product ecosystem, including personalized Cameo videos, Tips and Stickers, Cameo for Business, and new experiences like Cameo Calls (which we’re still testing)
  • Transfer funds to their bank account at any time, as opposed to waiting for payment on a predetermined banking schedule
  • Update their account with new banking information in real-time, so they can manage where their payments are made
Sample Wallet experience

Cameo connects fans directly with their favorite pop culture icons via personalized video messages, live calls + direct messages.