Introducing Cameo Pass

Cameo embraces NFTs to take fan experiences to the next level

3 min readFeb 18, 2022


Over the last 5 years, Cameo has delivered over 4 million magical moments, bringing fans closer to their favorite stars. We started with personalized videos and heard from fans that they wanted more ways to connect with celebrities. Since then, we’ve taken it a step further and invested in DMs, virtual and in-real-life events, and merch, providing fans with new ways to co-create memories that last. And today, we’re excited to officially launch the public sale of Cameo Pass, a limited set of 6,000 combined art and utility NFTs featuring unique art from some of the most influential artists in web3 that will also grant successful purchasers access to:

  • Art: We partnered with some of our favorite artists in the web3 community, including Burnt Toast, Vinnie Hager, and Luke McGarry to create unique, limited release NFTs.
  • Community: Be part of an engaged community of stars and fans that only Cameo could bring together.
  • Events: Gain exclusive invites to celebrity Q&As, Meet & Greets, launch parties at our Cameo House in Beverly Hills, and more.
  • …and more: We’re just getting started — coming soon we will announce exclusive access to merch drops and other opportunities.*

In celebration of our launch, we gathered some of our early access Cameo Pass community this past weekend at the Cameo Villa in Beverly Hills, where we helped mint the first of our NFTs, gifted exclusive merch designed by Vinnie Hager, and witnessed artist and Cameo talent Luke McGarry whip up a masterpiece in real-time.

Why web3?

Cameo’s mission is to create the most personalized and authentic fan experiences on earth, and with web3 and our first NFT collection, we see this as an opportunity to create a new, exciting community around Cameo both virtually and IRL.

“Today, we’re taking a big step toward actualizing our mission of creating the most personalized and authentic fan experiences on Earth with the launch of Cameo Pass,” said Steven Galanis, Cofounder and CEO of Cameo. “Our team is passionate about the space and are avid members of the web3 community. We couldn’t be more excited for the magic and joy only Cameo could bring to life for our talent, customers, and pass holders through amazing art, exclusive access, and memorable events.”

What’s next…

We’ve been delighted to see the enthusiasm around Cameo Pass over the last few weeks, and want to continue exploring opportunities to deliver value such as introducing NFT education and events to bring fans, celebrities, and the web3 community together. We’re looking forward to creating a new kind of magical moment with our growing community of pass holders, who are shaping the future of Cameo Pass with us. Stay tuned for more updates in this space in the coming months on and follow us on Twitter @CAMEOPASS!

*Purchase of Cameo Passes is subject to availability (only 1,000 Passes will be available during the public mint) and other important terms and limitations. For more details, visit and review Cameo’s Terms of Service. Please make sure that you understand all risks associated with purchasing and owning NFTs.




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