Introducing Cameo Live: 10-Minute Video Calls with Your Favorite Stars for 1–10 Fans

4 min readAug 18, 2022


Longer, one-on-one or group virtual experiences provide a new option to connect with celebs

Coming face-to-face with your favorite star is always a thrill, whether it’s IRL or virtual. There’s that moment of recognition (it’s actor Brian Cox! ). That “pinch me” feeling when you hear reality star Phaedra Parks, football legend Drew Brees, basketball star Lisa Leslie, YouTuber Todrick Hall, or musician Gary Levox say your name.

Cameo has delivered millions of these memorable moments over the last five years. Most have come in the form of personalized Cameo videos purchased for birthdays, prom invitations, marriage proposals, gender reveals, job offers and more. Last year we introduced Cameo Calls, a live two-minute virtual meet & greet product. Now we’re taking those experiences to the next level by introducing the upgraded video call: Cameo Live.

Announcing Cameo Live

Our newest fan experience — Cameo Live — comes from direct fan and talent feedback for longer video calls, the option to include friends and family, and more flexible scheduling. With the new format, you will now:

  • Book the 10-minute live video call with one of the thousands of athletes, actors, musicians, comedians, creators, reality stars and other pop culture personalities available
  • Opt for a one-on-one conversation, invite up to nine friends and family members to join you, or gift the call to a loved one
  • Propose three date/time options that work best for you, giving you more schedule control than ever before

In addition to booking through the Cameo website, we’re also launching the Cameo Live app on the Koji App Store. This means talent can now offer fans the option to book a Cameo Live directly from their Link in Bio.

We’ve been testing Cameo Live for the past few months, and both fans and talent are all-in. Hundreds of bookings have passed the test with flying colors, thousands of celebs have signed on, and consumers are using the service in increasingly inventive ways.

Need a pep talk before your next job interview or Ironman triathlon? Want to jam with a guitarist you admire, or host a virtual birthday party or bachelorette celebration that’s not just another Zoom? How about recapping a premiere with the star of your favorite TV show, or even getting an idol to help you propose to the love of your life? Cameo Live beta testers have booked these events and more.

Thumbs Up from Talent

Cameo talent are firmly on board because the longer time frame and larger call attendance offer the opportunity to build more personal relationships with fans than ever before.

The thousands of early Cameo Live adopters range across every talent vertical from reality stars to sports legends and CEOs including:

Cameo 2.0

Cameo Live is just one component of what we’re calling Cameo 2.0 — the next chapter in our mission to create a full-service technology platform enabling the most personalized and authentic fan experiences on earth.

We literally invented the celebrity shout-out video, bringing personalized messages from talent of all backgrounds to consumers’ phones while also providing a new revenue stream for the stars.

Since then, we’ve evolved our product offering to enable talent to engage with fans in a number of new ways including Cameo Live, Cameo Direct messages, Cameo Pass (our foray into Web3) and physical merch through our acquisition of Represent. We’ve even brought the magic of celebrity connections to over 12,000 unique brand customers through Cameo for Business.

“We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to connect fans and talent on our platform,” said Cameo Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Devon Townsend. “With Cameo Live we’re keeping the personalization and fast turnaround we’re known for and making the connection a two-way street. The new live experience is perfect for small groups of fans, family members and friends looking to share longer, more intimate conversations with the heroes they love.”

“What started as a lightbulb moment with a new digital autograph five years ago led us down the path of reinventing the relationship between talent, fans and brands,” said Steven Galanis, Cameo Co-Founder and CEO. “As the nature of celebrity continues to evolve, we’re on a mission to empower all global talent with a suite of products to connect with their fans whenever and however they wish. Cameo Live is an exciting milestone on this mission and we can’t wait to unveil even more new fan experiences in the coming months.”




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