Dog Days: Celebrating National Puppy Day With Cameo

2 min readMar 23


Did you know? March 23 is National Puppy Day!

Founded by Colleen Paige in 2004, National Puppy Day was created to raise awareness about the importance of adopting and the value of rescue organizations.

While we Cameo might be most well known for the human celebs on our platform, this National Puppy Day, we’re throwing a bone to some of our furry friends.

From a tight-knit squad of golden retrievers to a singing husky, there’s no shortage of hilarious and heartwarming doggy stars on Cameo. Learn more about our most popular furry friends available for personalized videos:

Barkley the Dog


Proceeds from this sweet mini daschund’s videos will go to the New York Presbyterian Hospital!

Cash and Savannah


Savannah and her grumpy pup Cash are here to get you through it.

Chilli the Peke Pug


A video from Chilli in his signature flower petal costume is sure to make you laugh.

Dottie the Dwarf


Coming in at only 2kg, Dottie the Dwarf’s unique look is matched by her sweet and sassy personality.

The Golden Ratio


This squad of golden retrievers is ready to meet you one-on-one or all together.

The Husky Moon


Enjoy the vocal stylings of Moon, the singing husky!

Madi the Chihuahua


This viral chihuahua is here to give you an “owa owa” for any occasion.

Noodle the Mini Sausage


One look from this mini dachshund is worth a thousand words.

The Pam Quinn


TikTok stars Casper and his human owner Pam are ready to sing you duets!

Wolfgang 2243 (Steve Greig)


Steve Greig and his pack of senior rescue dogs will warm your heart.




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