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Data reveals the comedians and sports stars stealing the spotlight at Father’s Day celebrations

As summer kicks off and Dads break out the barbeque gear, baseball caps and cargo shorts, families are planning Father’s Day celebrations across the US. In honor of the upcoming holiday, our data team dug into the past 4 years’ worth of bookings and uncovered some popular Cameo gifting trends to help people get creative and WOW their dads this June!

Over the last four years, we’ve seen Father’s Day celebrations become one of Cameo’s fastest growing use cases. In fact, just last year, Father’s Day Cameo bookings grew by over 400% (and we don’t think it’s just because some Dads stopped wearing ties!). In fact, we’d bet it’s more related to jaw-dropping reactions like this:

To see exactly which talent were riling up Dads the most, we analyzed four years’ of bookings to find the talent most-requested for Dads — both year round, and for Father’s Day specifically. They all fell into two main categories…shocker: Sports + Entertainment.

The MVPs Wowing Dads

Top Talent Booked for Dads in Sports:

  1. Pat Hughes (Beloved Chicago Cubs Sports Announcer)
  2. Jerry Remy (Broadcaster and Former Boston Red Sox 2nd Baseman)
  3. Mick Foley (Professional Wrestling Legend)
  4. Brett Favre (Super Bowl Champion Quarterback of the Green Bay Packers)
  5. Ozzie Guillen (MLB World Series Champion of The Chicago White Sox)
  6. Ozzie Smith (MLB Short-Stop Hall of Famer aka The Wizard)
  7. Bobby Valentine (MLB Player, Manager & Baseball Icon)
  8. Pete Rose (MLB’s All-Time Hit King)
  9. Terry Francona (aka Tito, the renowned MLB Manager with two World Series wins)
  10. Ryne Sandberg (MLB Hall of Famer of the Chicago Cubs)

Looking deeper in the sports category, we caught wind of another major theme: America’s favorite pastime! Makes sense given the possibilities are endless with these stars — whether it’s asking an official announcer to narrate a favorite childhood story, requesting a 7th inning stretch serenade or just having a hall-of-famer to tell his favorite dad joke.

Entertainers of the Year (according to Dad)

Top Talent Booked for Dads in Entertainment:

  1. Larry Thomas aka The Soup Nazi ( Comedic Actor of Seinfield & Austin Powers)
  2. Gilbert Gottfried (Actor & Comedian with a one-of-a-kind voice)
  3. Rick Harrison (Reality TV Icon of Pawn Stars)
  4. Colin Mochrie (Whose Line is it Anyway? Comedian)
  5. Big Ed (Beloved 90 Day Fiance Star)
  6. Tommy Chong (living legend and ½ of the Cheech & Chong Duo)
  7. John O’Hurley (Seinfeld actor, comedian and game show host)
  8. Jamie Farr (Actor & Comedian known for M*A*S*H)
  9. Penn Jillette (renowned magician offering trick videos)
  10. Robert Picardo (Actor of Star Trek & China Beach)

We also uncovered some fun trends in the top ten entertainers booked for Dad. While we might have expected kids to book Dads’ favorite comedians to tell their inside jokes, we also saw families and friends get creative with popular reality TV stars and even a magician offering trick videos!

While these stars are most popular, we know each Dad is unique, so check out the over 40,000 pop culture icons on Cameo to find the one that will co-create that personalized video that will surprise the whole family this Father’s Day. And with more than 80% of Cameos shared with others or on social, we highly encourage you to give Dad the first piece of content you actually approve of him sharing to his Facebook!

P.S. See below to decide whether you can top these reactions with a tie or grill set ;).



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