Cameo is for Lovers

4 min readFeb 12, 2021

New analysis shows “I love you” Cameos are on the rise

Nothing screams passionate romance quite like a Cameo, am I right?

From first dates and prom invitations to anniversaries, engagements and yes, breakup announcements and the occasional divorce, fans are devising increasingly creative ways to welcome their favorite pop culture icons into their intimate relationships. We, of course, approve.

In an attempt to understand the trend, Cameo’s data team examined romantic Cameo requests dating back to March 2017. We found that “I love you” Cameos are by far the most popular romantic use case, followed by Cameos to celebrate anniversaries, weddings and Valentine’s Day. Spoiler: divorce ranks fifth.

💋 Most Popular Romantic Cameo Requests

Below are the most popular romantic Cameos, based on keyword request data from February 2017 to February 2021.

  1. “I love you” — ~96,000 total bookings (~6,500 booked so far in 2021)
  2. Anniversary — ~65,000 total bookings (~4,000 so far in 2021)
  3. Wedding or ‘Getting Married’ — ~64,000 total bookings (~3,000 so far in 2021)
  4. Valentine’s Day — 21,000+ total bookings (~6,000 so far in 2021)
  5. Divorce — ~3,500 total divorce bookings (more than 250 so far in 2021) ←you read that right
  6. Prom invitations — ~2,200 total bookings (~40 so far in 2021)
  7. Breakup — 1,700+ total bookings (110+ so far in 2021)
  8. First Date — ~1,600 total bookings (~140 so far in 2021)
  9. Date (keywords “ask out”) — ~174 total bookings (~10 so far in 2021)
  10. “Take me back” — ~70 total bookings (~10 so far in 2021)

🤟 You Love to See It

We’ve seen triple digit growth in requests for “I love you” Cameos each year since 2017, making it the #1 most-requested romantic Cameo. And in 2020 alone, “I love you” Cameos jumped nearly 200%, with huge spikes on February 13th and right before Mother’s Day (we ❤ a procrastinator).

2020 keyword data shows huge spikes in “I love you” requests on February 13th and leading up to Mother’s Day

😘 Most Popular Talent for Romantic Cameo Requests

So when it comes to saying “I love you” (or “will you marry me?” or “happy anniversary” or “please get out of my life”), who do Cameo fans trust to deliver the message? It turns out that comedians and romantic reality TV stars are the most popular emissaries for these delicate and potentially life-changing missions.

Below are the most popular talent chosen to deliver romantic Cameos:

  1. David & Annie (Beloved couple from “90 Day Fiancé”)
  2. Sonja Morgan (Socialite, Reality TV personality and businesswoman)
  3. Brian Baumgartner (Kevin from “The Office”)
  4. Todrick Hall (Internet comedian)
  5. Big Ed (TV personality from “90 Day Fiancé”)
  6. Usman Umar SOJABOY (TV personality from “90 Day Fiancé”)
  7. Gilbert Gottfried (Actor and comedian)
  8. James Buckley (Actor and Comedian)
  9. Guneet Jolly (Bollywood Musician)
  10. ShoeNice (YouTube Comedian)

🌹 Season of Love

And what about Valentine’s Day? AKA the most authentic day of the year to schedule intimate relationship check-ins and receive mandatory adoration? Cameo data reveals that, as of Wednesday, February 4, 2021 (10 full days before the big day), roughly 6,000 people had already booked their Cameos for V-Day 2021, with more than 21,000 total Valentine’s Day Cameos booked to date.

💔 …And For the Heartbreakers

While there’s been some recent chatter about our breakup Cameos, our analysis found there’ve ~*only*~ been a collective ~5,000 requests for divorce and breakup Cameos since 2017. That’s just 2% of all romantic Cameo bookings… which is either low or high, depending on how you look at it.

👄 Make Cameo Your Love Language

As you can see, fans are turning to their favorite actors, athletes, comedians, musicians, and pop culture personalities on Cameo for any number of romantic reasons. But at the end of the day, it’s clear that people are simply looking for a fresh way to convey their love and celebrate together. Gift-giving will always be a love language, but giving the gift of a Cameo connects lovers with their cultural icons to co-create joy-filled memories that last forever. Besides — and we cannot stress this enough — the world doesn’t need another rose gold “hearts on fire” pendant.

So this Valentine’s Day, we hope you’ll consider letting Shaggy express what you cannot. We promise, it will be better that way.

XOXO, Your Cameo Cupids

P.S. — Don’t think we’d give you a whole Cameo blog post about love without showing you some of our favorite V-Day moments so far…we wouldn’t dare.

Colin Mochrie sending his Valentine’s best
Steve Harvey, doing the hard work
Debbie Gibson performing some Valentine’s serenades
Shoenice with a sweet divorce message




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